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Meet The Fellas!!

Roy F - Lead Vocals and occasional tambourine - The only man with big enough balls to stand in front of the Undecided. Sings so passionately sometimes the balls are in danger of popping out of his mouth.  It's only his BS kitemark approved health and safety underpants that keep them in check.


Andy G - The Low stuff - Hold on - that bloke's got his thing the wrong way round! Well, we all have to be different. Greavsie chose to play the bass! He didn't choose to be left handed but that helps if you've got a left handed bass. His granny chose the jumper and the rest is history.


Tim F - their lead -  Someone's gotta have real talent.
Here he is. Effortless, stunning lead guitar playing like no one else on the planet. Hell this man builds his own amplifiers coz yours ain't good enough. Ego? Nah. Quiet, mild mannered and about the most sensible geezer among us.


Paul G - Rhythm & Lead Guitar / Backing Vocals - The newest member of the band and fresh out of college. Paul sings so high even dogs can hear him. Top bloke who gives the band a new edge


Neil W - The Chelsea supporting skin beater. Has established himself well into the band, now on full pay after 7 years. Blinding time keeper with some wicked fill-ins. Quality drummer and top geezer "NICE ONE!!!".


Put yer goggles on missus........
                                                                               it's The Undecided!!